Best Magento 1 & 2 VPS Hosting providers

Top 10 Best Magento 1 & 2 VPS Hosting providers

Magento is an open-source platform written in the PHP programming language that helps create e-commerce websites. But there are many who already know and understand Magento. Magento is a name that is no longer strange in bringing users the development of an electronic website. Websites are thriving thanks to these things. However, Magento cannot provide and meet the best needs that users want. That’s why Magento 2 VPS hosting was born to meet the best of high-end features that are not available in some normal forms..

Magento 2 VPS hosting is one of the important features that every user is interested in. Believe there will be a lot of people who are not knowledgeable about this. The information shared below will help you better understand these concepts as well as some of the best VPS Hosting providers for Magento 1+ 2. Make sure the information is essential for you to buy this feature for yourself. You can buy this feature for yourself.

Top 10 Best VPS Hosting providers for Magento 1 + Magento 2

1. Hostgator

Hostgator VPS hosting for Magento
Hostgator VPS hosting for Magento

This is one of the VPS Hosting providers that you may be interested in. If you are looking to use Magento 2 VPS hosting in the best way and complete everything, Hostgator is an option that you should not ignore. When you need a plan to host an individual or an entire business website, this is a perfect option for every detail.

Hostgator promises to bring users the best hosting interface that the market has. Besides, it is also easy to use and safe without causing difficulties in using.

You can also be assured that you will be able to try the service for a period of 45 days. If there is a problem within 45 days, you will be refunded all the money you have paid, or you will have a new account reinstalled. 

2. Bluehost

Bluehost VPS Hosting for Magento
Bluehost VPS Hosting for Magento

If you are looking for a VPS Hosting providers for Magento 2 then Bluehost is an option that you should not miss. Understanding the psychology of company users always gives out many advantages and good features for your website.

If you’re looking to develop a website, you’re looking to use your website for online sales or some image advertising, this hosting company will help you do that. It will also help you to have a site with no storage limits, and when you enter anything you want to keep for a long time, you won’t have to worry about it being limited.

To compare the traditional and premium hosting provided by the vendor, the premium storage will help you store it quickly and get more.

Security is also something that you can have because Bluehost will also give absolute priority to the security of your web pages. In addition, the company will also provide you with many other interesting features that are not everywhere. Prices are also quite reasonable to give you the peace of mind to use for your site or business. Any management you can make is easy and independent. 

3. InMotion Hosting

Inmotionhosting VPS Hosting for Magento 1 and 2
Inmotionhosting VPS Hosting for Magento 1 and 2

Inmotionhosting is a VPS Hosting provider for Magento with forms of development based on PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Perl and Python that bring fast, easy operation when used. When you encounter any difficulties in using the website, the company will be committed to helping you solve the problems you encounter.

You can rest assured that Inmotion hosting data center is a type of company that provides A-store information, which is always compliant with PCI rules. The website you use will apply Smart Routing technology with many advanced DDoS protection and enhancement features. Another parameter that will not disappoint users is that the website you own will account for 99.999% of the network uptime. Uptime is almost absolute, without any influence whatsoever.

When coming to this provider, like some other premium providers, you can experience for free for a while to see the quality of the software like before deciding to use it. So worry about quality will no longer be a problem for users.

4. A2 Hosting

A2hosting VPS Hosting for Magento store
A2hosting VPS Hosting for Magento store

A2hosting will provide users with one of the world’s leading hosted software and more useful features than users expect. A2hosting always wants to offer the most favorite and improved software to meet the needs of users about Magento VPS hosting.

You may not know this provider but when you learn you will want to use the hosting service that A2 Hosting offers because everything is perfect, from fast page speed to knowledgeable support to the User-friendly solution to extremely reliable service.

Here, you will be stored on the Swift server platform is adjusted in the best way possible. It is loaded with tools like free CDNs, solid-state drives and your datacenter selection so you can host your site closer to your visitors.

5. FatCow

Fatcow VPS Hosting for Magento
Fatcow VPS Hosting for Magento

FatCow is considered to be a trusted supplier that provides users with shared web hosting solutions for a wide range of individuals, not only individuals but also businesses. When mentioning Magento VPS hosting, it is impossible not to mention VPS Hosting providers Fatcow.

The amount of storage that Fatcow brings to your personal or business web is extremely large, you do not even need to worry about the limited storage space of the web. Understand what a customer needs Fatcow always try to create what is close, reasonable and affordable. The service that this provider offers is also highly appreciated, always giving customers the most comfortable and friendly.

Fatcow is a growing company that you can trust to buy at a reasonable price and high quality products to meet the data storage process. If you want to develop your business website, please contact Fatcow for advice.

6. SiteGround

Another significant VPS Hosting providers is Siteground. This will be the place to help your website grow and ensure many factors that some other providers do not have.

For the company, the most important thing in the process of working to gain trust from customers is security and efficiency. In recent years as well as from its inception to the present, there have been almost no vulnerabilities in data storage. The security is absolutely guaranteed.

To prevent unfortunate holes, Siteground has also put a lot of effort in the research process. Therefore, there is no reason for you to refuse to buy Magento VPS hosting here.

Large workflows need to be stored within your business, and you have the right to set out the business that the business wants. The vendor version offers only one, but users can still update themselves to the latest versions possible if desired.

In addition, you can get the best performance thanks to the automatic caching that the provider provides. Price is also not an issue when you benefit from buying data stored here. Make sure everything will not disappoint you when you buy your account at Siteground

7. JustHost

justhost VPS Hosting for Magento
justhost VPS Hosting for Magento

If you are looking to buy Magento 2 VPS hosting then Justhost will also be an option that you may be interested in. Currently working online is a convenient form and a lot of profit. Therefore, creating a store capable of selling online is something that many businesses as well as many people are interested in. But Magento VPS hosting is an important thing that all businesses need. Understanding that Justhost was born to provide users as well as businesses with the best possible storage for the jobs that people need.

Buying this site is also very simple, you can immediately receive and store everything you want. If you are worried about the experience, then you should also be assured. Because the provider will give you 30 days to check everything, if there is a problem the company will refund all the money you have to pay.

But that’s certainly not a problem as this provider has had many years to bring the best websites to its users.,,,,,,,,

8. iPage

IPage is a hosting provider for websites that each person is hosting themselves or of a business. When you work, email is a necessity, many jobs will have a lot of storage and even set up regular email. But you may not have to worry about that when coming to Ipage. This data storage provider will enable you to set up free email quickly and store as much information as possible.

Besides, the websites that you want can be built quickly and meet the factors that you are looking for. Help you develop, have many new websites, analyze the developments that is what this provider can bring to users.

If you are worried about the price, you absolutely can be assured of that because the price of Ipage is quite reasonable. Like some other providers, you will also have a trial period of 1 month if you feel like you can still get back all the money you have spent.

9. GoDaddy

Godaddy VPS Hosting for Magento
Godaddy VPS Hosting for Magento

Godaddy promises to bring you the most basic knowledge and tamer background for you to have a lot of information to build your website. Besides, you can also be provided with everything a website manager needs to get the best online creation, the most effective.

Here you can also get new ideas to help your site grow stronger.

The factors that a website needs are the spread of products and services they have.

From there, you can connect with new customers and retain familiar customers. Besides, standing on the market will also want to compete with other businesses. In addition, they also need to help them control the brand as well as ensure the marketing is always new to bring customers the best experience.

If you need a reliable hosting provider that is affordable and affordable, Godaddy is a perfect choice. You are free to do what you want, every experience is very good. You will also receive a refund within 30 days of the start of the purchase if you feel it is inappropriate for you.

10. InterServer

Interserver Magento VPS Hosting
Interserver Magento VPS Hosting

If you own a website but want your website to not have the problem of overloading when Magento VPS hosting, Interserver provider is an option for you. The server that the provider brings to the site will not occur the overloaded phenomenon. Interserver always optimizes the best of technology and operation of the machine.

What web site operators often care about is email. Email is always absolutely guaranteed, no errors, no spam. It will also provide you with support information when email is blocked or compromised. In addition, it will also be able to automatically detect who has hacked into your email.

If the problem you are worried about is controlling the website, you are also assured. The provider will create a dashboard for you to manage your site. Through simple web browsers, you can also check, change and control anything yourself.

Interserver has established a long way and always helps you run the website of your business, helping your business grow stronger. The goals that your business sets will also be quickly conquered by what the supplier brings.

This is one of the reliable and reputable VPS Hosting providers for Magento chosen by many businesses and individuals. The price offered is not too high but the efficiency is extremely high. Because of the advantages that Interserver brings, you absolutely can take your business up thanks to this provider.

Overview of Magento 1, 2 VPS hosting you should know

You should understand and get the information you need to buy an account. Not having to look at it to know immediately the advantages of Magento VPS hosting but you can also know that information through some outstanding features that have been evaluated and commented by those who have used it. 

Let's learn about magento 2 vps hosting
Let’s learn about magento 2 vps hosting

Pros of Magento VPS hosting

Hosting is also known as Virtual Private Server Hosting, it is special because not all forms can meet the requirements of users as well as many such features. This form is really worth checking out. You may not know that it is a perfect combination of two types of hosting, shared hosting and dedicated storage, or hosting multiple accounts on the server and only one account on the machine. master. In this model, you have your own dedicated server to do the work you want, it’s not a physical machine, so there will be aso there will be a Number of drawbacks but not significant. This provides a combination of benefits of both shared and dedicated hosting.

This software is like a service for you to develop custom applications or run certain businesses. That is really a useful and interesting feature. Thereby users can completely control the environment.

You have more access to server resources with VPS hosting than shared hosting. Every activity can take place smoothly and quickly, you are not restricted by storage space because there’s not too much competition.

Cons of Magento VPS hosting

Not necessarily a good form that won’t have any drawbacks. VPS hosting will also have some disadvantages but it is not significant compared to the advantages that it brings to users. First, VPS hosting will be more expensive than shared hosting. Because many of the more outstanding features are more expensive, of course.

Almost only the price is a drawback to this form. Although it is not as expensive as dedicated hosting, it is also usually a lot more expensive than shared hosting.

Besides, there are some other small disadvantages coming from the provider, but not too big, so you can fee.

Start Price

The starting price is also an issue that many people are interested in. As mentioned, it costs a lot more than shared hosting but its advantages are extremely high so if you have enough economic conditions, you should use VPS hosting, ensuring that you will not disappoint.

Say the price is high, but when compared to some other more advanced forms, it is also moderate and the most popular one.

VPS Optimized for Magento

For an extension, the popular screen will have a lot of features that bring many different advantages. One thing that many people are interested in is that the functionality that it brings is really useful for businesses that own the website or not. It is really good and responds well to the needs of businesses. But when using VPS hosting, you absolutely can safely trust. Because all the features it can meet, you can check it right on the screen and on your website. VPS hosting will bring the best optimization with the latest methods from the Magento system.

Active time

Uptime is also one of the significant characteristics of this form. Your site will not make users frustrated by always working for customers anytime, anywhere, and rarely problems.

The security level of Magento VPS hosting

Manufacturers ensure that they will ensure absolute safety for customers when visiting your site. You can rest assured that there will be no disruption or threats occurring in your store.


With society growing, businesses operating websites also need more and more features, Magento 2 VPS hosting is extremely necessary. Through the above article, I hope you have more information for yourself about Magento hosting. From there you can know which form to choose for Magento, what advantages and features it is worth using, and trusting.

Also through that, you can find yourself one of the top 10 VPS Hosting providers for Magento 1, 2 shared above to get good quality, absolute safety, reasonable price, and good response to the needs that businesses expect. I hope you can have more knowledge to find yourself a Magento VPS Hosting provider best to bring your business up.

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