Backup and Data Storage

Backup & Data Storage

Our backup and data storage accounts are housed on Solaris-based servers located in lower Manhattan in order to maintain excellent service quality and by providing redundancy for critical systems, we’re able to exceed the industry average in service reliability.

With your account, you can upgrade (or downgrade) at any time without the hassle of switching accounts. Just contact us and we’ll immediately add more diskspace to your backup account. We even offer custom packages, if you don’t see one to fit your specific needs.

5 GB Plan10 GB Plan20 GB Plan
 Storage Space5 GB10 GB20 GB
 Monthly Bandwidthunmeteredunmeteredunmetered
 Monthly Price$2.49$3.99$7.49
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40 GB Plan80 GB Plan100 GB Plan
 Storage Space40 GB80 GB100 GB
 Monthly Bandwidthunmeteredunmeteredunmetered
 Monthly Price$12.99$17.99$19.99
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All Packages Include…

Our backup and data storage accounts include many features to make the process simple and efficient.
Key features: Easy cPanel/WHM compatibility, FTP access for easy file transfers, the ability to rsync your files, unmetered bandwidth (no hard limit set on bandwidth usage), RAID10 hard drives for super-redundancy and more!NOTE: Files stored on these accounts are NOT web browser accessible and cannot be linked to from a website.
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