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HostArmada Hosting Review: Features, Price, Support!

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Despite being a new player in the industry that started providing professional hosting service in 2019, HostArmada has a lot to offer to the branch. They have integrated many security and speed features on their servers and expanded them in critical locations worldwide.

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HostArmada has made the necessary arrangements so that their servers can be flexible and meet the requirements of many of the applications out there. Magento, as the e-commerce giant, is no exception!

Who is HostArmada?

Despite being a new player in the industry that started providing professional hosting service in 2019, HostArmada has a lot to offer to the branch. They have integrated many security and speed features on their servers and expanded them in critical locations worldwide.

With the promise to offer a genuinely excellent hosting service to their users, they claim to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee and rival the established hosts such as BlueHost or SiteGround.

They pack a wide variety of services – Shared Cloud Hosting, VPS Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated CPU Cloud Hosting to account for each customer’s necessity! Their expert sales team is always there to help you choose the best plan for your website, so you should not hesitate to give their services a go as we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised by their excellent service!

Their support team is 24/7/365, available at your disposal. The technical specialists are willing to assist you with any hosting-related issue you may encounter and eager to run the extra mile for each client to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Using HostArmada hosting

HostArmada Features

Speed. Security. Stability. These are the three commandments that HostArmada preaches and promises to deliver. Their feature-full servers show promising results, and it comes to no surprise that they have been gaining so much popularity recently. Amongst all the above, here is what you get on top of everything else:

  • Based on your solution choice, free website transfer options: Shared Hosting (1-5) and VPS and Dedicated Servers (up to 10).
  • Free SSL certificates on all your domains when hosted with HostArmada.
  • Free daily backups on all hosting servers
  • Free domain name
  • Free tutorials and knowledgebase
  • Free 24/7/365 technical support over live chat and support ticket
  • Pure SSD Storage on all their plans


Speed is one of the metrics you can count on skyrocketing when you purchase their servers! Their packages utilize either Nginx (StartDock/WebWarp plans) or LiteSpeed webserver (Speed Reaper). The Speed Reaper is the plan we recommend for Magento, as with it, you can also utilize the LiteMage cache module, which allegedly removes overhead and boosts your site’s performance. When combined with the SSD drives on their servers, you can expect nothing less than a robust speed experience!


Many hosting companies out there rely on reactive support and security when dealing with malware or website exploits. HostArmada has integrated multiple security layers to add many proactive defense mechanisms on their servers that eliminate the threat before it can harm your site. Some of these services include:

  • mod_security2 with custom rules tailored by their experienced system administrators.
  • BruteForce protection and WAF(Web-Application FireWall)
  • Latest stable PHP, MySQL, and latest Software versions on the server.
  • A reliable backup solution that guarantees that you will have a backup of your files should be compromised.
  • A Unique IPS/IDS system, allowing the collection of negation policies. It will proactively block known attacks while logging them, allowing their system administrators to closely examine each situation.

In addition to the above, their support team is really knowledgeable and always willing to help or advise you in a tight situation.

Packages & Prices

HostArmada Packages & Prices
HostArmada Packages & Prices

HostArmada offers three shared hosting plans, and their prices vary depending on the current promotion they run.

Start Dock

This plan has the mind-boggling cost of $2.49 per month and is excellent for start-ups. It is suitable for a single website, it has 15GB of available pure SSD  storage, and everything you need to begin your online business! This plan includes Nginx working as a reverse proxy to the Apache webserver, guaranteeing a speedy performance.

Web Warp

This plan starts at the cost of $4.11 per month and is a great option to upgrade to from the Start Dock plan if you want to expand your business or create another brand. It offers 30GB of pure SSD storage, double the resources in terms of CPU and RAM, and the ability to host an unlimited number of domain names. This package also includes Nginx working as a reverse proxy to the Apache webserver, guaranteeing a speedy performance.

Speed Reaper

Finally, their Speed Reaper plan starts at the price of $4.94 per month and gives you 40G of SSD storage. If you are a performance freak, this is the plan you should choose. The LiteSpeed webserver combined with the increased resources and the caching plugins available for most of the open-source applications, you can expect your websites to lift off! We highly recommend choosing this plan for your Magento 2 website, as the performance is genuinely impeccable.

Support Team

HostArmada prides itself on the support team they have assembled. They are super-friendly and customer-orientated, and they make sure each client receives adequate, fast, and reliable support.

Their chat service is primarily used for sales, general questions, and minor technical issues. The ticketing system is where the more complex technical issues are looked at by their senior technical support team. With an average response on the first ticket submission of 10 minutes, we could say they are extremely quick.

How to get started with HostArmada?

To get started, visit their website hostarmada.com and pick a hosting package! Go through the intuitive registration process, which includes only a few steps of choosing a domain name (new or existing), entering your account information, and payment details.

You may notice that the sign-up price will be different than the renewal rate, which is relatively standard for the branch. Despite this, the prices are competitive and excellent for the vast number of features and services you get.

The account activation is immediate, and you can get started in a few minutes. The control panel of choice for HostArmada is cPanel, as it is the most user-friendly and reliable environment you need. Softaculous is included in all their plans to get you started with the most popular applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Magento, with a few clicks.

What makes HostArmada hosting great for eCommerce?

HostArmada great for Magento
HostArmada great for Magento

Here is why we think you should Choose HostArmda:

  • First and foremost – cost-efficiency! For the low price of $2.69, you can get started with your online business immediately without breaking the bank.
  • Speed. With their highly optimized servers for performance, your website will skyrocket in terms of speed.
  • Flexibility. With a wide variety of plans, HostArmada has to offer, you can always upgrade your hosting package and have a piece of mind that your business has room to grow.
  • Fantastic support team with a lot of experience with Magento that will be more than happy to assist you with any issues you run into during your stay there!
  • Security, Reliability & Uptime. Perhaps the most important features you should look for in a host, and HostAramda has that in abundance!
  • Free migration service. The process is handled by branch professionals that have moved thousands of websites. Rest assured, while they do all the work and seamlessly migrate your store!
  • 45 Days money-back guarantee! You can either fall in love with these guys or receive your money back before the 45-day mark.
  • Nine datacenter locations, making it convenient for you to target your audience by hosting your website near them.


Many people are cautious when picking up a web host, especially if they are new, however, with the number of features these guys offer, the plans’ cost, and the 45-day money-back guarantee period – they are a safe and reliable choice. The familiar and comfortable to use cPanel and the 99.9% uptime guarantee should put you at ease, and we believe that you will feel right at home!

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