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Nexcess Magento hosting review: Features, Prices, Support

Nexcess Magento hosting
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Among all the Magento hosting providers available on the internet, Nexcess Magento hosting is an outstanding one.


  • PCI Compliance
  • High-performance SAN NetApp memory
  • 24/7/365 on-site support
  • Standard DDoS protection for free
  • Hosting foundation optimized for Magento
  • Start New Magento Stores With a Click
  • Expert support on Magento 2
  • 30-day money-back


  • No livechat
  • Limited bandwidth
  • High Price

Competition in E-commerce has been fierce in recent years. If you want to be the winner, besides high-quality products, you need better customer service and Magento is no doubt a professional solution. Among all the Magento hosting providers available on the internet, Nexcess Magento hosting is an outstanding one.

About Nexcess 

The name Nexcess is quite strange to us if it does not come with the phrase “Magento hosting provider”.  If you have an interest in E-commerce advanced solutions, you might at least one time heard about Nexcess Magento hosting. Being in the Magento hosting field for 18 years, Nexcess has always been in the list of best Magento hosting companies. The company was set up from a small garage in Michigan, aiming at reaching the goal of becoming a hosting provider that empowers clients to create and grow the business they want. This is a long-term, clear, specific and ambitious goal that has gone with the company for nearly 20 years.

From its foundation in early 2001 until now, Nexcess has gained experiences and built a great reputation, thus becoming one of the most prestigious providers for hosting Magento and Magento 2 website. The company holds data centers around the world that bring clients excellent performance, high reliability and complete control. Nexcess has successfully embraced complexity and provided stability so to create innovations facilitating web hosting support and management in the long term.

What makes Nexcess Magento hosting provider outstanding from others is that they have in-house certified Magento developers working as support staffs. Therefore, every issue related to Magento hosting could be solved in the most effective way. Instead of using the popular hosting control panel such as Directadmin and Cpanel, Nexcess finds their own way. They use Siteworx as the hosting control panel, which provides all the necessary functions but is lighter than other panels.

Highlight features of Nexcess Magento hosting service

features of Nexcess Magento hosting service
Features of Nexcess Magento hosting service

Here we list some outstanding features of Nexcess Magento hosting service.


The auto-scaling feature is one of the features that will make you interested. With this feature, the number of visitors on the website can double for 12 hours and of course, this outstanding feature does not come with any additional charges. Then, there will be two options available to you. You can choose to pay by the hour or select to upgrade your service to an advanced tier. This benefits you considerably. If you use the normal pay-as-you-go model offered by several other providers and your business does well, definitely, you will be punished. Using Nexcess Magento hosting service, you do not have to worry about this. In the case that the spike is just temporary, you even do not pay anything.

Cloud accelerator

For easy understanding, the cloud accelerator is an abstraction layer with the mission of increasing load times speed. This amazing feature offered by Nexcess Magento hosting company brings customers a more comprehensive hosting solution. With the accelerator, unparalleled performance and capacity will be added to the hosting plan, enabling minimum page loading time across the E-commerce shop. It is such a powerful tool that helps you to manage more concurrent users without the upgrade. You can choose to turn it on or off with 1-click in the Client Portal.


For your knowledge, elasticsearch is an open-source, widely distributed search engine. It can increase the speed and scalability of search. If you are seeking a solution to enhance product search, this feature is what you need as it is a perfect alternative.  By quickly indexing an online store’s catalog, elasticsearch could bring rapid and accurate searching experiences.

You could active the elasticsearch function in the client portal and quick configuration in the Magento admin panel without any difficulties. The benefits of search improvement, as a result of an automatic index, could be delivered to your customers to improve their experience visiting and shopping in your E-commerce store.

Application stack

Stack here means a system of software, designed for a server and aiming at supporting a website. This system of software includes an operating system, a web server, a database and a programming language. A stack is a vital mechanism, necessary for web development. Nexcess Magento hosting provider allows you to customize your Nexcess cloud stack through the Client Portal. If you have not got the process, contact the professional team and start.

Website migrations

Using services provided by Nexcess Magento hosting provider, you can enjoy a simple website migration process which is supported by an experienced team. An upgrade or downgrade or switching hosts will require a website migration. Nexcess offers site migration without any additional charge. Nexcess staffs are available all the times and are willing to bring you an ideal solution if you want to work with Nexcess. The sales department will help you to choose the right plan suitable for your products, the products’ demand on the market and the potential development of your online store. The process of website migration begins once Nexcess gets your account information. Depending on the complexity of the migration process, it could take up to a week. With little or even no downtime, Nexcess professional team helps your switch seamlessly.

Some features of Nexcess Magento hosting
Some features of Nexcess Magento hosting


In comparison with other Magento web-hosting providers, services offered by Nexcess are not cheapest. However, it is worth that price for the excellent services provided as well as a considerable reputation and perfect customer service. If you choose low-priced services, you might not get 24/7 professional support, auto-scaling, daily backups, website acceleration and caching,…which are all included in Magento hosting services provided by Nexcess.

Cloud pricing ranges from 49 dollars per month to 849 dollars per month while for a shared and dedicated server, the price is from 19.95 dollars to 674.95 dollars per month (annual payment). For the shared and dedicated server, if you choose to pay monthly instead of annually, the price will a little bit higher, ranging from 24.95 dollars to 749.95 dollars per month. The higher-priced packages offered by Nexcess Magento hosting provider, of course, come with more advanced features to best facilitate your website to provide an excellent experience to visitors and customers.

If you just start your online store or have not built a stable customer group, a common recommendation is to get a cheaper plan. Buying an expensive package when it is not necessary is just money-consuming because you might not use all the advanced features in the expensive plan. Besides, you can upgrade your package later because Nexcess allows easy migration to a more expensive package. Reaching a significant increase in visitors has never been an easy task and it takes much time. So, feel free to get a cheap plan as you do not need to pay a huge amount of money if the visitors do not rise to a specific number. When the need arises, contact to Nexcess Magento hosting consultants to upgrade the plan.

Different Magento hosting packages offered by Nexcess

Here is a table summarizing different Nexcess Magento hosting packages. There are affordable plans with a lot of advanced features, suitable for different demands and budgets of consumers.

SIP 100SIP 200SIP 300SIP 400SIP 500
Annually: $19.95/month



Annually: $74.95/month



Annually: $189.95/month



Annually: $539.95/month



Annually: $674.95/month



Daily visitors up to 100Daily visitors up to 500Daily visitors up to 1,000Daily visitors up to 5,000Daily visitors up to 10,000
Storage 7.5GBStorage 25GBStorage 55GBStorage 600GBStorage 600GB
Bandwidth 75GB per monthBandwidth 125GB per monthBandwidth 250GB per monthBandwidth 650GB per monthBandwidth 1,000GB per month
CDN Bandwidth: NoneCDN Bandwidth: NoneCDN Bandwidth: 250 GB per monthCDN Bandwidth: 650GB per monthCDN Bandwidth: 750GB per month
Email includedEmail includedEmail includedEmail includedEmail included
Secondary domains: 9Secondary domains: 24Secondary domains: 49Secondary domains: UnlimitedSecondary domains: Unlimited
Open VPN: NoneOpen VPN: NoneOpen VPN: NoneOpen VPN: OptionalOpen VPN: Included
SSL included: NoneSSL included: StandardSSL included: StandardSSL included: StandardSSL included: Standard
Dedicated IPDedicated IPDedicated IPDedicated IPDedicated IP


The daily visitor number ranges from 100 for the cheapest Nexcess Magento hosting plan to 10,000 for the SIP 500 packages. Each Magento hosting plan offered by Nexcess can serve a particular number of daily visitors. However, these numbers are not absolute ones. We have done several tests on different packages and found that the real number of daily visitors Nexcess Magento hosting packages could server is much more than the one listed above. Our online store used to use SIP 100 package and as we tested, even when the number of daily visitors increased to more than 200, our website still did well.

SIP 100

The SIP 100 package offered by Nexcess Magento hosting company has a price of $19.95. It can server about 100 daily visitors and has a storage of 7.5GB, the bandwidth of 75GB per month. The five packages have the same RAM of 24GB and share the other features such as email included and dedicated IP. There is no CDN bandwidth and open VPN available in this SIP 100 plan and the SIP 200 plan. The number of secondary domains is limited in 9 domains. For these functions, this plan is highly recommended for startups in the E-commerce industry who has not built a large number of visitors yet.

SIP 200

SIP 200 plan is offered at the price of $74.95 per month for an annual payment and $79.95 per month for monthly payment. It is the most popular Nexcess Magento hosting plan which can serve up to 500 daily visitors with the storage of 25GB and the bandwidth of 125GB per month. The number of secondary domains is 24. This package also has standard SSL included.

SIP 300

If your online store has developed to a particular level with a large number of daily visitors, you should upgrade the initial plan to SIP 300. The price of this plan is $189.95 per month (annually) or $194.95 per month (monthly) and it can serve up to 1000 daily visitors. SIP 300 offers CDN bandwidth of 250GB per month and 49 secondary domains. The open VPN feature, like the SIP 100 and SIP 200 plans, is excluded.

SIP 400

SIP 400 and SIP 500 plans are used for Magento dedicated servers. SIP 400 is priced $539.95 per month (annually) or $599.95 per month (monthly). With the storage of 600GB, the bandwidth of 650GB per month and the CDN bandwidth of 600GB per month, the number of daily packages served can reach the number of 5000. SIP 400 offers unlimited secondary domains and optional open VPN.

SIP 500

The most expensive as well as the most advanced Nexcess Magento hosting plan is SIP 500 which can serve up to 10,000 daily visitors. For the excellent features, its price, of course, must be high. You will pay $674.95 per month (annually) or $749.95 per month (monthly). If your budget can afford, you better make the annual payment instead of the monthly payment. It can save you up to $75 every month, which is equivalent to $900 a year. SIP 500 package has 600GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth per month, 750GB CDN bandwidth per month, unlimited domains, standard SSL and open VPN included.

Why choose Nexcess for your Magento hosting plan?

Why choose Nexcess for your Magento hosting plan?
Why choose Nexcess for your Magento hosting plan?

Nexcess Magento hosting company, with its large experience in this field, will bring a professional E-commerce hosting environment for your online store. There are many outstanding features offered by Nexcess which you cannot get in any other provider. It is not exaggerated to say that everything you need to secure, customize and enhance your E-commerce store for better customer experiences is available with Nexcess.

Besides, what makes customers pleased with Nexcess Magento hosting provider is its excellent service. There is 24/7 support with an experienced team, promising to solve any problem arising with your website. What is more, Nexcess has different Magento hosting packages, suitable for any projects, from small stores to large enterprises. Also, the custom features offered by Nexcess are what take it to the list of the best Magento hosting company regularly.


Nexcess is no doubt one of the most reputable Magento hosting providers on the market. Things bringing continuous development to the company are not only about outstanding hosting features that facilitating E-commerce stores but also their excellent customer services. The price might be a little bit higher than other Magento hosting providers, but it is worth what you receive. To be the winner in the fierce E-commerce competition, you better choose an ideal Magento hosting provider, and Nexcess is such a good one.

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