GoDaddy Magento Hosting Review

Godaddy Magento Hosting Review: Is It the Best Host for Magento?

Godaddy Magento hosting
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GoDaddy Magento ongoing is not a bad choice. GoDaddy is right for everyone from the first experience, newcomers to highly skilled and long-term users. Try and experience GoDaddy Magento hosting!


  • 24/7 local phone support
  • Easy installation and migration
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Free migration
  • Fully managed Magento hosting with an expert team



Magento e-commerce platform brings many utilities and preeminent features to help many companies and businesses to easily bring their products to everyone. In fact, hosting Magento perfectly on the server is very difficult because Magento has a lot of traffic. To meet the needs of Magento hosting providers were born and stand out among them is the Magento GoDaddy hosting provider. We will learn more about the features and utilities of GoDaddy Magento hosting.

Overview of Magento GoDaddy hosting provider

Founded in 1997, GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world, with over 13 million customers.

GoDaddy provides Magento hosting plans for small businesses, large businesses, web, and personal design professionals, and has offices in some of the world’s hottest technology corridors, including Silicon Valley, Cambridge, Seattle, Hyderabad, Belfast, and Phoenix.

GoDaddy is very famous, people may know it on the advertising services that GoDaddy invests. Thanks to the campaigns that have helped GoDaddy become a familiar name that almost anyone in the world will recognize.

Due to its many utility features, GoDaddy offers a complete set of hosting products, including:

As a large Magento hosting service provider, the quality of GoDaddy’s features has always been developed by the provider. 

Utility features of GoDaddy hosting for Magento store

GoDaddy has many utility features
GoDaddy has many utility features

Here are some outstanding features of GoDaddy that you should know.

Add-on utility features

GoDaddy provides a handy set of add-ons that will help you run a Magento that is optimized and secure regardless of your skill level.

It can be said that GoDaddy offers you a great set of features. All the essentials are available and easy to use, such as SSL certificates, domain name registration and WHOIS privacy, as well as CDNs that improve performance and security tools.

The only problem with this is that most of these premium features are only for expensive packages or must be ordered separately to use. GoDaddy also provides its own website builder with its hosting packages, and of course, good things always come at an extra cost.

High-performance business hosting

GoDaddy always brings good experiences like Magento hosting services managed by high-performance business hosting packages. Thanks to beginner-friendly features and a VPS’s security infrastructure with an intuitive visual control panel.

GoDaddy’s business hosting would be a great business option if you’re running a Magento online business. You can grow your business seamlessly without having to invest time or money in specialized IT teams. You will have complete control and decision on your Magento website without having to be confused technically when your server administrator has a problem.

Test website with one click

If you already own a high-end Magento hosting package from hosting provider GoDaddy, then you will have access to the web trial feature with one click. This feature is probably the easiest and most convenient shortcut as it can minimize downtime while you refine the design or continue to implement a new feature on the web perfectly.

You can still have your web working while you are working on another copy. Once you’ve completed the features or blueprints to upgrade, you can replace the updated version for the live web right away.

Daily backup and restore data with just one click

During operation, it is very likely that the power supply will be cut off or some disturbing problems during the renovation of your web. Knowing these issues, GoDaddy has updated daily backups for all Magento websites and keeps those copies for 30 days.

When you perform a backup restore, you can choose to restore all your files and databases or only restore one of them at the time you want. Backup and restore tools are displayed right in your Magento website management console. The steps to make backup and restore are simple and easy to follow.

Godaddy Magento hosting features
Godaddy Magento hosting features

Secure Magento website security features

For many companies, businesses, business websites, the security of their own information and database is very important. Understanding those important things, GoDaddy has developed and provided its own Magento security and performance toolkit. GoDaddy secures its customers with technologies like Norton, Sucuri and Spamhaus.

If you have additional needs, you can choose your own security technologies, and of course you will have to pay for those additional technologies.

Other security features include WAF (Web Application Firewall), malware scanning and removal, automatic blacklisting, a CDN, and advanced DDoS attack mitigation. All technologies and features of GoDaddy Magento hosting ensure your security is the highest and safest.

GoDaddy Pro management tool

GoDaddy Pro is a toolkit that helps programmers or agents easily manage multiple websites from a single control panel. Thanks to this utility, you can update your core plugins and features for all websites from one place, set automatic backups, clone your website, make moves and even have it get real-time analysis of visitors to all your websites.

In GoDaddy Pro will have additional utilities attached very convenient:

  • Pro Clients allows you to manage websites or online stores on behalf of your customers, even making purchases on their behalf.
  • Pro Rewards is a GoDaddy referral and reward program, through which you can buy upgrades or pay for your website with reward points.

The server is stable and high speed

Although GoDaddy does not provide an excellent uptime guarantee, it still delivers top performance.

If there’s one famous thing about GoDaddy, it’s performance. It offers 99.9% uptime guarantee for nearly all storage products – this is not the most impressive guarantee I’ve ever seen and there are also plenty of quality Magento hosting providers

Other quantities are subject to such a guarantee. But maybe it’s just for GoDaddy to protect themselves because the actual performance results seem much better.

In any performance monitoring tool, GoDaddy always shows in the top 20% in uptime and top 10% in speed. During the past operation, GoDaddy Magento hosting has maintained stability over 99.9% uptime for most of the month. However, sometimes it seems that there is some interference signal when the operating time may drop below 99.9%.

From the perspective of someone who has used GoDaddy Magento hosting, I can be sure that GoDaddy’s performance and download speed are nothing too serious to complain about. Now every time I use GoDaddy for my Magento I feel its fast speed and no problems during the download process.

Through many tests in many places, I have drawn that the average load time for the US is about 369.2 ms.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as Dallas and Los Angeles, both of which have high load times over 600 ms. It is quite strange that there is such a big difference in the US, with San Francisco and Atlanta recording very fast times of less than 200 ms. India has a slow download time of 1347 ms, which is a pretty good standard for this country.

Overall we can see that GoDaddy’s global speeds are quite good compared to many other Magento hosting, but the speed is still not fast enough to make GoDaddy Magento hosting become one of the top five Magento storage houses.

Fast and easy storage that anyone can use

GoDaddy regularly hosts powerful and complex tools. But the features and tools on GoDaddy are always easy to use for beginners deploying on designing and using the website on GoDaddy Magento hosting.

From the outset, GoDaddy has pioneered making the website more accessible. Whether it’s a domain name registration or hosting service, GoDaddy’s goal is to make it possible for everyone to have an online presence.

As such, GoDaddy Magento hosting is a very user-friendly experience, even for beginners. GoDaddy’s clean interface creates a simple and intuitive storage environment, especially with Magento storage.

User-friendly interface

GoDaddy provides one of the most simple and easy-to-use control panels and tools I’ve ever seen. The interface is neat and there are no redundant options that confuse or overwhelm the novice user with the hosting service. Daily tasks like restoring backups, changing or adding domains and accessing your website are designed to be accessible and prominent.

Shared hosting GoDaddy Magento hosting comes with a cPanel control panel which is considered to be the best hosting manager in the industry. More experienced users will probably prefer this option, as it provides more control than their managed hosting.

Move tool with one click

Another super convenient feature is GoDaddy’s automated website migration tool. Now you don’t even need to contact support to turn your website over. Just follow the instructions from within your control panel and provide GoDaddy with your current Magento website link. GoDaddy will email you after their team has finished migrating your website.

Create Account

Signing up with GoDaddy is fast and easy, you will not take more than five minutes. If you’re concerned about GoDaddy’s suspicious sales tactics, the only thing I can point out is that it automatically chooses the longest payment term, which is 36 months. However, the rest of the process is extremely transparent, and you can clearly see your renewal rates on each charge on your invoice.

GoDaddy also keeps email to a minimum, and despite the significant number of extra services, at least it doesn’t use the blatant trick of automatically selecting these extra services by default. A GoDaddy Magento hosting Account is the most convenient and useful for you.


Magento hosting service packages for your Magento sites

GoDaddy Magento hosting service packages
GoDaddy Magento hosting service packages

Magento GoDaddy shared hosting service

Magento GoDaddy shared hosting service is the most basic hosting service.  In which, it comes with the packages and prices are as follows:

  • Starter package hosting 1 website for 2 $ per month
  • The savings plan has basic resources for the start page for $ 7.79 per month
  • Premium plans will add capacity and flexibility for multiple sites for $ 8.65 per month
  • The core package that is the best value package will have a lot of traffic and powerful features to handle harder websites. The price of this package is 15. 18 $ per month.

So the preeminent features when you own Magento GoDaddy storage:

  • Install more than 125 free apps with just 1 click.
  • One-click to purchase additional resources (CPU, RAM, I / O, etc.)
  • 1 GB of database storage (MySQL Linux)
  • Security control and anti-DDoS
  • 1-click setup for GoDaddy registered domains
  • Flexible control panel, easy to use

Magento business storage service

  • Starter pack for many basic websites for $ 29. 95 per month
  • Advanced package for high-traffic sites 49. $ 55 per month
  • Development package for advanced e-commerce sites like Magento.  Priced at 69. 5 $ per month
  • The expansion pack is for photography or resource-intensive pages.  Priced at $ 99 per month.

The preeminent features of GoDaddy’s Magento business hosting

GoDaddy’s self-managed VPS hosting service

  • Package 1 vCPU with 10. 39 $ per month
  • 2 vCPU package for $ 45. 65 per month
  • 4 vCPU package for 69. 45 $ per month
  • 8 vCPU package for 101.25 $ per month

The preeminent features of self-managed VPS hosting service

  • Performance / RAM: From 1 to 8 CPUs and 1 to 32 GB RAM
  • Operating system: CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16. 04 LTS, Debian 8 or Windows 2016
  • Control panel (optional): cPanel / WHM, Plesk Obsidian web hosting version or free ISPconfig
  • Support: Phone support, help library, information technology blog articles and community-based advice, free peer-to-peer advice on hosting services

All GoDaddy hosting plans come in different types and of course, the more expensive packages also have more features. You should be assured that all GoDaddy packages are always worth the amount of money you spend..

Why choosing Magento hosting for Magento?

Sometimes the answer is simple because Magento is a commercial platform with many utilities and effective business applications. So to be able to install and store it on the server we must have a good computer foundation, otherwise, your web site will crash if traffic increases. Recognizing these problems, Magento hosting providers were born.

I will help you answer a question about which vendor should you choose? In my opinion, GoDaddy Magento ongoing is not a bad choice. GoDaddy is right for everyone from the first experience, newcomers to highly skilled and long-term users. Try and experience GoDaddy Magento hosting!

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