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Top 16 Best Bulk Email Services to try

If you are about to launch your business or run your own, then knowing and preparing for an email service should be your priority in 2021. And if you are searching for some useful email marketing software, don’t forget to read this article since selecting the right email services plays such a significant role in your business’s success.

This article will show 16 Best Bulk Email Services To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy.

Why should you use an email service?

We also think that if you are like other small businesses outside, you might want to start with personal email accounts, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL, to assist you in communicating with different groups of email contacts. You will soon realize some limitations in what you can and cannot do with personal email accounts.

As you might not know about, one of the most annoying things when using personal email accounts is its design in your email. In detail, should you be not a distinguished designer, it is very hard for you to generate an email that can match your brand and turn your business into a good look and professional. In addition to that, other drawbacks of a personal email account include issues getting messages delivered, differences in keeping track of your email contacts or having no ideas of who opened an email and clicked a link.

Several email marketing services, such as Constant Contact, exist to help you deal with the headaches mentioned above. Email marketing service is known as among the most successful marketing strategies for lots of medium businesses. It is estimated that email marketing also witnesses a 4300 % return on investment (ROI) for multiple businesses in the USA.

Choosing an email service provides you with an easy way to manage and fully control and enables you to set up direct contacts with your buyers. You have to acknowledge that your success with email marketing heavily relies on email marketing software you opt for since they are in charge of guaranteeing your emails are successfully delivered. Besides, you have to remember that you might cope with paying more money for some marketing features if you are careless, along with lousy email deliverability rates.

Why should you use an email service?
Why should you use an email service?

Top 16 best bulk email service

The following are a great number of top Mass email services to help your brands send multiple emails via API, SMTP protocol, or web interface. The list here consists of both open source and commercial tools.

1. Pepipost

Pepipost is known as one of the most affordable and effective bulk email services. It can run on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to understand customers’ behaviors since it can catch the minute signals from ESPS and then analyze them. After that, the API endpoints of Pepipost and SMTP injection servers greatly support HTTPS and TLS to make sure that emails delivered or accepted by you are performing correctly and securely.

Pepipost bulk email service
Pepipost bulk email service


  • Make sure email safety
  • Provide an instant report based on the situation of email delivery
  • Save the tracking history with a maximum of 90 days
  • Include 24/7 live chat support

The best thing is you can receive all of those above features and even more at a very affordable price.

2. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is known as a service platform for your email marketing. This aids you in staying away from duplicate email addresses. Having an advanced algorithm, Elastic Email enables you to find invalid emails.

Elastic Email service
Elastic Email service


  • Allow you to schedule many campaigns with multiple settings in line with your scheduling, times, and many more
  • Give you detailed statistics
  • Help you scale over 100 million emails monthly
  • Contain drag and drop editors to change the template fast
  • Connect via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) APT with ease

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is considered as a SaaS solution for your email marketing strategy. This email service provider helps you try to control customers by applying the current CRM. You can take advantage of this tool to build up your engagement and design with the delivery of your transactional messages.

Sendinblue bulk email service
Sendinblue bulk email service


  • Allow you to run Facebook add from Sendinblue accounts
  • Give you the ability to set up your custom landing pages
  • Enable you to automate your marketing messages
  • Offer you detail statistics of emails
  • Help you connect multiple plugins, including Magento and WordPress

4. Amazon SES

Another email service provider is Amazon SES, known as a cloud-based mass email sending service. This email sending provider is effective and scalable since they can provide you with “pay as you go” selection. Its design is to send multiple emails for businesses and developers who you integrate into applications. Amazon SES enables you to keep customers getting updated with automation emails and personalized emails.

Amazon SES bulk email service
Amazon SES bulk email service


  • Get problems having impacts on your email delivery tracked
  • Allow you to keep an eye on the number of delivered and sent emails
  • Activate easy integration option, followed by serviced sich as AWS IAM
  • Give you many methods such as SES API or SMTP to get emails sent

5. Mailgun

If you are looking for another email automation tool, then you are in the right place. Mailgun is exactly the one that can meet your satisfaction. This tool offers either SMTP or API integration with some good features like real-time tracking or advanced analytics, etc. Besides the marketing automation tool, Mailgun gives you a deliverability facility. It also gives you an inbound routing to get your email transcoded and parsed so that they can become structured data. Furthermore, Mailgun consists of published libraries for different languages such as ruby, java, python, etc.

Mailgun email service
Mailgun email service


  • Work well on a restful and simple API
  • Offer exact email validation
  • Include inbox placement rates
  • Allow you to set up strategies that are customized to your requirements.

6. Tipimail

It can be a mistake if we do not introduce you to Tipimail, a common email platform service that can help you send messages in bulk. This tool assists you in sending emails connecting with the information system through SMTP.

Tipimail email service
Tipimail email service


  • Get emails delivered fast thanks to its use of proprietary technology
  • Allow you to track emails live
  • Provide you with real-time warmings in cases of any problems
  • Enable you to integrate with API to use with many kinds of systems, consisting of an app or a website


Let’s go next to SMTP2Go. The name reminds us of a robust API email deliverability service that is reliable and scalable for marketing emails. I can assure network redundancy, along with quick connection speed since SMTP2GO’s servers are all over the world. All you need to do is send the transaction emails from your app, from emails from Outlook or marketing emails to a built-in link with the tool.

SMTP2GO email service
SMTP2GO email service


  • Give you a visual report on delivered and sent an email, spam with bounced emails
  • Enable you to test emails against the spam filters thanks to its robust testing
  • Set up and maintain correct SPF and DKIM records for your site’s domains
  • Provide you with sending marketing, promotional and transactional emails

8. Sendgrid

Sendgrid is known as an email marketing tool to bring you to the modern workflows as well as automatic facilities. You can send your automation emails by using a handy tip. It aids you in choosing emails by using HTML, along with drag and drop editing facilities.

Sendgrid bulk email service
Sendgrid bulk email service


  • Allow you to manage testing, schedule, recipients, and content from a platform
  • Provide you with actionable real-time analytics
  • Give you the ability to corporate with many people
  • Enable you to insert contacts via Comma-separated values (CSV) file
  • Offer you to send emails by using custom domains with IPs securely

9. Postmark

What we are having in hand is Postmark. Postmark is known as one of the best email marketing providers that can deliver and track transactional emails for its own customers. You also have to remember that the system of Postmark’s tracking system and email delivery is easy, fast, and reliable. This email tool aims to send transactional emails only to enhance the experiences of engagement. In case you install the service, you will have 45 days of completing the content history with statistics. You can have detailed reports on the number of email clicks and opens.

Postmark bulk email service
Postmark bulk email service


  • Use API or SMTP to get emails delivered
  • Manage blacklists, IP reputation, reverse DNS, feedback loops, and other low-level protocols
  • help you host responsive and compatible email templates
  • Take advantage of two- factor authentication known as 2FA for your security of data

10. Postmastery

Postmaster is an email delivery analytics tool. It can successfully perform the delivery data from SMTP and on the permission mail server. The tool provides you with conditions as well as rules triggering the actions you wish to automate.


  • Give you reports from both external and internal data sources
  • Allow you to find out anomalies, detect bad actors, and decide corrective actions
  • Assist you in getting email delivery assessed
  • Enable you to insert more good forms in your own email

11. Mailjet

If you have not heard of Mailjet, then you should not miss out on this part. Mailjet is a global email service tool that allows you to track some transactional and marketing emails through API, SMTP, etc. You can generate responsive emails by using email builders.

Mailjet email service
Mailjet email service


  • Allow you to integrate with the current server configuration
  • Aid you in converting your business’s email data into segmentation
  • Provide you with all information you ask for from comprehensive documentation
  • Helps you analyze to manage the results as well as optimize the performance

12. SparkPost

SparkPost is considered among the top email intelligence platforms to help you optimize your email performance with data visibility. You can use this email provider to control and manage emails and responses.


  • Offer you an SMTP cloud server used for sending emails
  • Having a dashboard helps you with detailed logs as well as statistics relevant to your own email activities
  • Allow you to attach files of a maximum of 50MB
  • Provide you with assistance via Skype and telephone
  • Give you multiple bandwidths

13. MySMTP

MySTMP is another email sending service provider to support sending emails by bulk. This tool enables you to send about 100 emails each day. The application lets you send emails by using your IP address or your own domain.

MySMTP email service
MySMTP email service


  • Allow you to send emails from laptops, telephones, and tablets
  • Provide you with SMTP cloud servers to get an email sent
  • Avoid blacklist for you
  • Make use of industry standards such as DKIM as well as SPF to help identify outgoing emails.

14. Newsman

There is a fact that Newsman can aid you in creating and sending emails. You are allowed to make use of the tool to generate as well as manage lists by getting excel files and CSV uploaded. It provides you with unlimited professional email templates.

Newsman bulk email service
Newsman bulk email service


  • Allow you to generate automation emails such as follow-up emails, birthday reminders, and many more
  • Let you add several dynamic subscription forms
  • Give you reports on detail emails
  • Offer you quick integration with SMTP or API

15. PostyMan

PostyMan might be new to many people, but it is effective to help create and send emails in bulk or send marketing newsletters to your own mailing lists. Besides, PostyMan also gives you email campaign tracking; followed by the real-time statistics. This tool aids you in measure Return on Investment (ROI).

PostyMan bulk email service
PostyMan bulk email service


  • Allow you to import the database or website forms to set up your email lists
  • Offer you an HTML email editor to build up email templates
  • Enable you to schedule email campaigns sending
  • Provide you with real-time reports for a bounce, email opens, link clicks, and etc
  • Support you via live chat, tickets, and emails

16. Postal

Postal is the final in the list of 16 Best Bulk Email Services To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy. Postal is an open-source email delivery platform for both out-going and in-coming emails. Postal is well developed by Tech Media with the aim of sending emails from SMTP servers and websites.

Postal email service
Postal email service


  • Help you filter spam and emails that have viruses
  • Allow you to download source codes and work it on your Linux servers
  • Aid you in configuring email systems with simple files, along with clear documentation
  • Enable you to store, send, receive, and analyze emails

How to choose the best bulk email service for your business?

Selecting the right email marketing service meeting your requirements plays a vital role in your business’s success. Conclusion: An email marketing company is common does not mean it is the most effective solution for your brand. You can easily get confused and overwhelmed with various selections since there exist unlimited email solutions for your marketing.

As you already know, an impressive email sending provider can allow you to generate good email newsletters with a very easy user interface. After that, you can send emails in bulk that can be targeted and personalized, which is called marketing automation. Furthermore, your email marketing service provider has to take it easy to monitor the contact lists, track your email marketing campaigns’ performance, and divide your users into different groups. Last but not least, an email service can make sure your emails will not be stored in the spam area.

If you want to know how to choose the best bulk email service for your business, let’s keep in mind the following to help bring about more revenue from your buyers.

How to choose the best bulk email service for your business?
How to choose the best bulk email service for your business?

1. Give your subscription process a check

Email verification is vital because it can prevent your emails from lying in the spam areas. Take note that the process of your email subscriptions can be opt-in in double. Then, the clearance of email users getting promotional emails is entirely needed. If not, an opt-in process can result in an email subscription, email removal, or the fact that customers will mark them as spam for surely.

2. Automation

Most services outside enable you to get your email marketing automated. You can take a closer look at how various tools can automate your email campaigns and work out if they can meet your demand.

How to choose the best bulk email service for your business?
How to choose the best bulk email service for your business?

3. Have your mailing list segmented

Each email user will contain different requests and must be catered based on that. Using your CRM database can help you collect multiple user attributes before getting them segmented based on the persona. It is amazing for you to enhance the engagement, then turning subscribers into real customers.

4. Consider the industry

Several services focus on serving specific industries. For instinct, ConvertKit is set up with publishers. If this does not describe you, you must sign up for services to better address your own industry needs.

5. Track users’ behaviors

Each user is generating their way since they are using your items and services. You should bear in mind that analyzing and tracking their free time and the kinds of items they use can help you create personalized campaigns for your customers.

You can also categorize your customers into three groups, including InterestedEngaged, and Re-activate, which helps you segment your customers and get them targeted with related email campaigns.

How to choose the best bulk email service for your business?
How to choose the best bulk email service for your business?

6. Create a HTML Campaign

Content is king because it helps you communicate with your customers through your brand’s images. An attractive campaign can make your revenue grow, and you will own some practices to help you create an amazing campaign for your customers.

  • HTML templates need to own a clean and simple design
  • No additional CSS styling
  • A proportion of images and texts
  • Include no map tags or commented code

Getting content personalized also provides you with interesting outcomes.


We hope that our article on 16 Best Bulk Email Services To Optimize Your Email Marketing Strategy will help you find the best email marketing provider for your business.

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