Best Instagram Bio Ideas

999+ Best Instagram Bio Ideas, Tips, Examples to Maximize Reach

Instagram is among one of the most used social media platforms with high engagement on a visual level. If you are leaching or promoting a brand, Instagram is where you need to be present, and an Instagram bio has a vital role in connecting with your target audience. According to Instagram, 200+ million users of the platform access at least one business account per day..

Your Instagram profile is your brand’s first impression, but you have very limited space to grab people’s attention. Crafting a catchy bio can help with that. Not to mention a good Instagram bio can attract users to click through links, download files, and check out other accounts. Overall, it is a useful tool to build a brand’s fan base and maximize reach.

eCommerce stores often depend on Instagram’s visual nature to promote physical products, which may explain how you are reading my article. So, let’s see the best Instagram bio ideas that are original and engaging to boost your brand’s reach on one of the most popular social channels for businesses. No filter needed, just creative copy is good enough.

What is an Instagram bio?

What is Instagram bio?
KFC Instagram bio

An Instagram bio is the small area below an account’s username to share some details about a person or a brand. An Instagram bio can include a brief description of oneself or the brand, contact information, emoticons, hashtags, and more. The picture above is a great example of a good Instagram bio from KFC.

Short, informative, and funny, KFC’s Instagram bio uses the first sentence to describe itself clearly: “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. The second sentence pays homage to the founder – Colonel Sanders. And the next two sentences hilariously describe what the company does best: Making the world’s best chickens. It also included a link that takes users to the latest news article. Don’t worry. This is not the only way to write an Instagram bio; I will show you more best Instagram bio ideas later. But KFC’s bio is a wonderful example of a business’s bio.

Why is Instagram bio important?

A bio is clearly the first thing people see when they come across an Instagram account. Considering the limited space, you have to attract attention, a compelling bio will give you the best shot to connect with potential customers.

Another reason is that Instagram’s bio highlights your company’s image and thereby grows the brand. You can tell Instagram users exactly what your business sells or does. This establishes a strong first impression with users and thus convinces them to follow you. The bio can also show your company personality and automatically prompts your potential customers to join the fanbase.

In short, a great Instagram bio showcases a brand’s personality. It compels users to take action, whether following your account, visiting your offline store, or clicking on your link. Through simple copy, you can maximize the reach of your business’s Instagram account.

How to write an Instagram bio?

A good Instagram bio should have the ability to convey what your business does and indicate how a customer can find you. But a great Instagram profile will showcase your company’s personality and prompt the customers to take action. Here are four steps to write a great Instagram bio for your brand:

Describe yourself

Write an Instagram bio describe yourself
Write an Instagram bio describe yourself

Your brand’s Instagram bio should be the place to provide only the most important company information. You should be brief in such a limited space and ensure that customers understand your business and products accurately and clearly. When people visit your Instagram page, they should learn about your brand immediately. Take Tree House Brewing Co. as an example: Just in the first sentence, “Uniquely delicious beers crafted with pride & purpose” – you already know what the company provides.

Showcase the brand’s personality

Instagram bio Showcase the brand's personality
Instagram bio Showcase the brand’s personality

Your Instagram bio is the first introduction to new followers. A boring profile won’t inspire people to click the follow button, even if you already have some great photos in your feed. Your photos show what you do. Your bio is the chance to tell them who you are. It is social media, so your brand needs to be as human as possible.

Quickly transfer the important personality of your brand here. What is your brand promise? If you are an individual entrepreneur, what are your special goals? Are you a local business? Is your product made out of hand? You have to understand your unique voice and personality to convey it. If you can, hire a good copywriter to help. Emojis and hashtags can help too.

Share the contact information

Instagram bio Share the contact information
Instagram bio Share the contact information

Your Instagram bio should include contact information that lets people call you, email you, or get road directions to your business directly from Instagram. When you add an address to your Instagram profile bio, it will appear below your profile but not using any number of your bio character count. This is a great way to free up space for more engaging information.

Prompt a call to action

Instagram bio Prompt a call to action
Instagram bio Prompt a call to action

All good marketing materials include a good call to action. Your Instagram bio should have it as well. Give visitors a clear direction about what you want people to do after they visit your page. You may want to send them to a page where they can buy or order your product. Or you may want people to like your Facebook page or subscribe to your newsletter. Or, perhaps, you want them to visit your website.

Make sure your call to action suits your Instagram marketing goals and matches the clickable link on your profile. If your goal is to build an Instagram fanbase, your call to action may simply ask visitors to follow your feed or share their photos with your branded hashtags.

Instagram bio components

It’s necessary to understand the components that make up your Instagram bio. From them, you can detail and polish your account to ensure visitors know exactly what your brand is about and what to expect if they follow your account.

  • Profile Photo: A profile photo should be relevant to your business. This could be a product image or a company logo. It also needs to be attractive, both on your profile and when zoomed out in feeds.
  • Username: It appears at the top of the profile page. Through your username, other users can tag you. It is important for your brand to be found on Instagram, so you should pick a name carefully.
  • Bio: Instagram gives you up to 150 characters to summarize your company and activities. This is the main subject of this article, and you choose your words wisely, to sum up, your company.
  • Email: If you add your email address on your profile, and Email button is created on your profile. This information appears below all other information. When the user clicks on the Email icon, the Instagram application prompts them to open the default mail application on their phones.
  • Website: You can link your site directly to the Instagram bio. Here, you can actively make your users act because they can access your company’s website through your Instagram account.
  • Call: Adding a phone number is another way to display your company’s contact information on your profile. Whenever users click this button, it will prompt them to call the company directly.
  • Directions: Entering the address of your business will help customers easily identify your location. This applies if your business has a brick and mortar store.

Here is a list of the Best Instagram bio ideas & examples

To help you maximize the reachability of your Instagram account, here are the best Instagram bio ideas to make your business even more engaging. I have even divided them into different categories so you can track them easily.

Cool Instagram bio ideas

Cool Instagram bio ideas
A Cool Instagram bio ideas

If your brand is cool, then don’t hold back the awesomeness. A cool bio on Instagram will not bring immediate conversion results. Instead, it will catch mindshare. In other words, a true killer bio will improve the chance that potential customers remember your brand name when they are ready to begin the customer journey. With just a few words in your Instagram profile, you can gain hundreds (if not thousands) of valuable contacts that lead to more web traffic and conversion.

I suggest checking out Ford as an example. Here, the effectiveness of the brand message can be shortened to one word: authority. Everyone is more comfortable doing business with a company they trust. And one thing that inspires trust in a potential customer is authority. It’s simple: People buy products from Ford because it has proven itself to be a leading company in the industry.

10+ more cool Instagram bio ideas:

  1. Welcome to our world
  2. The best things in life come from living dangerously
  3. In a world where you can be whoever, be yourself
  4. This isn’t a dream, this is your reality
  5. The first rule about [our brand] is
  6. Success is in your veins, and we can help
  7. Write your own story for the history books
  8. Yup, just another awesome [brand] that you should checkout
  9. Like our awesome product, our content is always cool
  10. King of [product]
  11. Cool since [year]

Cute Instagram bio ideas

A Cute Instagram bio ideas
A Cute Instagram bio ideas

You can use your Instagram profile to establish authority if that is what suits your goals. But it can also be acknowledged that many people use Instagram just to get rid of the worries of everyday life. So, you can turn your Instagram page into a source of fun and wholesome content that puts a smile on people’s faces. And your Instagram bio can show that funny side by puns, short jokes, and lovely words.

Take Alaska Airlines as an example. The first line: “We do it all for our guests—and the ‘gram” communicates that Alaska Airlines has a high standard of customer service and likes to have fun as well. It lets you know that you are in the hands of a company that puts customers first without taking itself too seriously. The tagline “Fly smart. Land happy” is catchy, effective, and reassuring to the prospects.

10+ cuter Instagram bio ideas:

  1. So many of our smiles are because of you
  2. All your dreams can come true, we’ll make sure of that
  3. Sunshine is where you belong, with one of our products
  4. We love our followers more than life
  5. So grateful that you check us out!
  6. Together, let’s shine the magic within you
  7. Everyday joy
  8. Sprinkling joy everywhere we go
  9. Start your dream life here
  10. Need no Romeo, Julie got all she needs here
  11. Being naked is the #1 most comfortable option. We’re #2.

Good Instagram bio ideas

Good Instagram bio ideas
Good Instagram bio ideas

As mentioned before, a good Instagram bio conveys what your brand provides and indicates how prospects can find you. And, sometimes, you just need it to be good enough to be effective. But that doesn’t mean you can be sloppy with the Instagram bio, you still need to communicate your brand to the visitors in a clear and understandable way. A good Instagram bio would make people interact with your brand.

Let’s take a look at Tree House Brewing Co. again. The first sentence is plain and simple, representing a strong value proposition – it is a factory with attention to detail and purposes in mind. The next sentence, “Brewer owned & operated,” lets visitors know it is an employee-friendly company. Finally, the last sentence – “Founded in a small red barn in 2011” paints a picture of a company that started small and turned into something big. In three sentences, Tree House Brewing Co. communicates its values, makes people feel good, and tells a little story about the brand.

10+ more good Instagram bio ideas:

  1. Follow us for behind the scenes look at our life
  2. Click the follow button to be a part of a great journey
  3. Life is beautiful with [brand]
  4. We see the beauty in everything
  5. Not like the rest of them
  6. We are one of a kind
  7. Life is short, try us now!
  8. Putting customers first since [year]
  9. Free international shipping
  10. Check our best collections below
  11. Our best sellers are right in your reach
  12. Get featured on our page using #[brand name]

Instagram bio ideas with emoji

Instagram bio ideas with emoji
Instagram bio ideas with emoji

Emojis convey a lot of information in the characters. They are a great way to highlight your brand personality and provide key details in visual. You can also use emojis to break up your bio into lines. If you find most emojis too cute for your brand, keep it simple, like a checkmark.

The Instagram bio for A Color Story uses some colorful hearts to represent itself as a color board for photos. It is also a great way to highlight key information, so users can use hashtags #AColorStory to get featured, or they can go to the website to get support, or which email address they can use to reach out.

10+ more Instagram bio ideas with emojis:

  1. Falling for you ?
  2. Oh, you ?
  3. Aloha, and welcome ???
  4. No time to explain, try our [product] now! ???
  5. ? FLASH SALE – 50% ?
  6. Love ? and Peace ✌️
  7. Going with the flow ?
  8. We are sparkling like our products✨
  9. We have no instructions but our captions are the next best thing ?
  10. Metally on the beach ?️
  11. We don’t use filters for our photos – all real girl over here ?

Funny bio ideas for Instagram

Funny bio ideas for Instagram
Funny bio ideas for Instagram

Across all marketing materials, humor is a great way to differentiate your brand and your Instagram bio offers a golden opportunity. By implying some funny and quirky lines, you can immediately create a connection with visitors. After all, we all like to hang out with someone who has a good sense of humor,

The copywriters at Friskies are well aware of this. Just through two sentences, it manages to both communicate the brand value and make the visitors laugh. Prospects can instantly pick up the idea that Friskies has inexpensive products compared to other brands of cat food, and they can buy their cat’s love through that. Then a call to action prompts users to visit the Friskies website. Clever, isn’t it?

10+ more funny Instagram bio ideas:

  1. We apologize for any post that makes you hungry
  2. We try to stay humble, like Kanye
  3. We would rather steal your look than your boyfriend
  4. Life is short, so smile while you’ve still got teeth
  5. Relationship status: [brand] and Netflix
  6. Classy, sassy, with a touch of badassy
  7. We ain’t Mary but we still poppin’
  8. Our Instagram account is very a-peel-ing
  9. We are pawsome and having a purrfect day
  10. People call us [brand] but you can call us anytime ?
  11. If we had a writer we would have a better Instagram bio.

Instagram bio ideas for guys

Instagram bio ideas for guys
Instagram bio ideas for guys

If your company’s target customers are guys, then you need to find the right way to communicate with them through your Instagram bio. There are many types of men, so I would not say a certain personality is better than the others, it is best to look at how your customers communicate with you.

Old Spice is a great example. As a humorous brand already, it kept the Instagram bio short and impactful. With the words of muscle, smells, lazers, and gifs all in caps, the brand communicates a strong and funny image of itself – like a playful man. If you scroll down, you will see many humorous contents as well, but just the bio alone can get many to hit the follow button.

10+ more Instagram bio ideas for guys:

  1. Living life on a man terms
  2. This is men in the rawest forms
  3. Risk-taker. Adventure. Living the dream. That is you
  4. We were born to do exactly what we are doing today
  5. We are out here hustling to claim what is ours.
  6. Men rather be hated for what they are than loved for who they are not.
  7. We got to where we are today by being ourselves
  8. Don’t try to kale my vibe
  9. Rolling with the homies
  10. Goal: Be bigger and better
  11. Keeping it real since [year]

Instagram bio ideas for girls

Instagram bio ideas for girls
Instagram bio ideas for girls

The same thing for girls, your target customers may have different reactions to content, so make sure you write an Instagram bio that can connect with them and shows your brand personality. A common theme nowadays is to empower women, since their roles in society have improved significantly over the years.

Aerie is a brand that provides undies, swim, bras, apparel, and more. Through its Instagram bio, it shows the brand mission to empower all women to love their real selves. The next line shows when the company was founded, and the last line is the web address to shop. A good course for women, that is something female customers can easily connect with.

10+ more Instagram bio ideas for girls:

  1. Sparkle is everywhere we go
  2. Impossible is possible, because giving up isn’t fun
  3. Who runs the world? US
  4. Happiness is never out of style
  5. Women can have ambition with a heart of gold
  6. Your standards are high… just like our heels
  7. The bags under our eyes are Chanel
  8. You are a limited edition, there is only one of you
  9. We are awesome (don’t worry we think you are too)
  10. You and me were born to shine bright
  11. Always be an original, never a copy
  12. This year, let’s be better than ever before.

Some more best Instagram bio ideas

Here are some more Instagram bio ideas to maximize your account reach, you won’t need to think much with these, just follow the instructions.


Instagram Tagline
Instagram Tagline

Known for thought-provoking talks, TED simply uses its tagline in the Instagram bio. The tagline tells visitors exactly what the brand does in a few and memorable words. For your brand, you can consider using a mission statement or summarizing your values, but keep it short as a tagline.

Add “official”

Instagram bio ideas for official
Instagram bio ideas for official

For brands that may suffer from copycat accounts, you may find it useful to just add “official” to your Instagram account bio. With a verified badge for identification, visitors can know for sure that they are coming to the right place. See Zara’s Instagram above as an example: simple, but effective.


{% include image.html src=”” alt=”Minimalist” caption=”Minimalist” %}

Some people love to see minimal bio since it shows a character of efficiency. A simplified bio also makes it easier for customers to identify what message the brand tries to get across. PUMA takes minimalism to a whole new level, by saying only a few characters “EST. 1948” and lets the logo speak for itself.

Add branded hashtags

Instagram bio ideas

For brands that incorporate user-generated content into the Instagram strategy, it’s smart to include a branded hashtag in the bio. To be featured on your Instagram page, all customers need to do is use the branded hashtag. Outdoor Voices highlight its branded hashtag right in the bio so customers can know which hashtag to use and get featured. If you visit the company’s website, you will see a dedicated part of the homepage for user-generated content with the hashtag #DoingThings.

Shop the feed

Instagram bio ideas

As Instagram hasn’t allowed users to add hyperlinks into captions, the workaround would be to either ask customers to visit a link, or better, visit a landing page that they can shop from your feed’s pictures. There are many third-party companies that can help you with this task – for example. It is what Get Maude uses on its Instagram bio to let visitors shop easily too. Just click on the link and you will see a feed with clickable products and add to cart function.

Links to follow

Add link to Instagram bio
Add link to Instagram bio

Speaking of links with surprises, Buzzfeed Tasty Instagram bio tells users exactly what they want to know: Which page to go and learn more about the foods in the photos or videos. It is a great way to increase reach into your website and gain more interaction with prospects.

Show policy

Show policy in Instagram bio
Show policy in Instagram bio

As an important legal point to ensure the safety of visitors and followers, your company’s policy is a good item to display. It may take a few characters, but it shows that your brand cares for customers and wants to state yourself clearly. Maker’s Mark Instagram bio list an age minimum and its product concentrations, which is recommended for an alcohol brand.

Free downloads

Add Free in Instagram bio
Add Free in Instagram bio

Because the website is used a lot, some Instagram accounts use it to direct visitors to their latest offers. It can be free books, newspapers, or more – anything that your customers would be interested in. If you are a small eCommerce business, a free giveaway is a good way to attract customers. Ripe Mangoes, as an independent artist, gives free wallpaper for her followers in the above image.

Shout out to the founder

Instagram bio ideas

For a design-focused company such as Rifle Paper Co., the founders and creative directors are an important part of the brand. Giving them a nod in your Instagram bio is a nice way of showing appreciation. If they have an Instagram account, you can include their accounts in the bio as well.

Be inspirational

Instagram bio ideas

Admittedly, crafting an inspiring Instagram bio is a little easier when your company is linked to a very specific mission. But the key is to emphasize the impact that your product or service has on whether it is your top priority or not. Do not be afraid to get creative! Starbucks’ bio works because it faithfully reflects the value its products deliver. With a cup of Starbucks coffee, people can feel energetic and connect with people more.


Like other social media strategies you implement, I recommend tracking Instagram bioanalysis as well as the traffic that you send from the bio to your site. Don’t be afraid to play around with the words, design, and structure. Instagram is a playful network and can be a great opportunity for your brand to maximize its reach, even just through the bio.

So, let me know in the comments your thoughts about the best Instagram bio ideas of your own. What can we expect from your company’s Instagram account? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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